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There was a service honoring Margaret, her Life and her Spirit, on Thursday, August 11 at the First Congregational Church in downtown Portland. It was a beautiful service lead by the Reverend LouAnn Pickering, Michael Lamb's sister. Many of Margaret's friends and colleagues gathered and quite a few shared touching stories and memories of Margaret.

Check back for more details and information in this space.

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Hilary Wagner
Suzanne Schroedl I didn't even know this site was here...I still miss Margaret so much, it's hard to believe it has been four years. She was such a gentle soul.
Chad Brown Margaret, you are remembered and very much missed.
Dave Sides Happy Birthday!
Jill Owenby Park I just happened upon this page when searching early this morning.....she seemed so sweet and so Margaret...I have a niece named Margaret... I'm wondering if we could have been related.... I'm just a simple girl from East Tennessee....
David Sides
Robert B. Nejman The brightest and most wonderful lights never last. Treasure them well and light a candle to remember. I miss ya Margaret.
Julia Howell Even when Margaret was little, she was always adventerous. I will always remember how she would hid from me and then laugh to think she had fooled me. She was my special companion for many years. I will miss her always.
Lisa I've always looked up to Margaret and always will. She was my only aunt, but in my eyes the best. I,ll always miss her.
Cecilia Margaret was the best person I ever knew. She had compassion for everyone. She had the biggest heart. I'll miss and love my little sister forever.
Joanna Margaret I did not know. But I know your sister Cecilia and I amsure you were just as kind and warm hearted as could be. May you rest in peace, and also may your family find peace.
Zachary I miss my friend
Emahlie Margaret had an impact on many people's lives. Her generous nature, her sensitivity, sense of humor and compassion will live on in all who cared about her.
Lori Blumenthal Margaret, endless thanks for your humor, friendship and support. It was an honor to call myself your friend. I know you have found some peace for yourself, but I'm hoping you'll be hanging out with me when I finally see the new Bill Murray movie. We miss you so very much.
Jae Choi Margaret, thank you so much for your friendship & for our hideaway aisle chatter. I'm so aware that I came this close to never knowing to what wonderful depths you could plumb.
Jill Hummelstein When I moved to Bend, Oregon, I checked out the petrified lava flows that Margaret had warned me were so beautiful. They were not. They were just black. But plants and animals inhabited this hostile enviornment and I saw that what makes something beautiful (i.e. the Deschutes river) is the thing near it that is god awful.
Carol Easter Margaret , your choice to leave, has brought out an outpouring of love & new friendships. Your brief compassioned stay in our lives will ripple on. See you soon, in our dreams.
Kim T It's hard to find the words...I will continue to love you and miss you and know that you are always with me.
michael Lamb I miss her
Dave We love you Margaret! I'll miss you very much. I hope you've found peace.

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