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Seven Pillars
A great library is a sign of a brilliant mind. And Margaret's collection of books truly covered a wonderfully diverse range. From art books, to film to philosophy, to fiction her collection was most impressive.

When I first perused her shelves, I remember being most impressed by the fact that she not only owned a copy of T.E. Lawrence's "Seven Pillars of Wisdom," but she had read it.

As a fan of the film, "Lawrence of Arabia," she wanted to learn as much about the character/person as possible. So, naturally, she owned a rather neat hard back edition of his book.

Now, lots of people have watched and have loved the film version of "Lawrence," but not many people (especially these days) are inspired to pick up the book and delve deeper into the history. I remember being very impressed and thrilled to have found a kindred spirit. Heck, up til then I'd never come across anyone else who'd heard of, much less read the book.

And that was just the one book. There were many other volumes that we shared in common. Plus she read a number of authors I was unfamiliar with and became inspired to seek out. I figured, if she liked 'em, they were definitely worth a read.

-Robert B. Nejman

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