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Margaret's Favorite Film Stars
Below are some of Margaret's favorite film stars. Feel free to add more stars, films, etc. and information about what Margaret liked about them.

Christopher Walken
Celebrating Christopher Walken website
As Cato in Julius Caesar

Orson Wells
Orson Welles - The Man and His Genius website

Lawrence of Arabia
Margaret had this movie poster hanging in her living room. Peter O'Toole was one of her favorite actors.

Richard Harris
Richard Harris - in his earlier days

Here's a funny one of Christopher Walken

Christopher Walken is running for president. I found this posted at work. I imagine that Zach was the one who put it up.
Margaret would have loved this!

Six Feet Under
This was one of the series tha Margaret loved to watch. She had many friends at work which she would talk to about the show and where it was going. She would worry about the various characters as if they were her friends.
Six Feet Under

Bill Murray
I always told Margaret that we could go to "the Murray Brothers Caddyshack" in St Augustine. It's close, and Bill Murray plays golf there!

Margaret was also a big Werner Herzog fan, especially for the films that featured Klaus Kinski.

I remember one Halloween, I bought her an original poster from Herzog's film "Nosferatu." She was so sweet when she told me that it "must be expensive. I can't accept it."

Ah, Margaret, always the lady. I told her that I did a little haggling and a little trading so I had got it for a good price. Plus I had no room for it at my place.

I knew she would like it because we had seen a different one earlier on display at the store and she had pointed it out to me.

She smiled a little smile and accepted it. I think she had it behind her couch for awhile. I lose track.
-Robert B. Nejman

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