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Margaret is missed
-Jae Choi

Mom and I watched Margaret's memorial in Portland, and it was beautiful. Margaret had so many friends there. And we know that they would have done anything for her. We all miss her, and wish we could have done something to stop this. Mom said, "Did you ever think we would be watching this?" No, I didn't. I told Margaret to never hurt herself. I guess we'll never know what was in her mind when she left us. We'll always love and miss her.

Margaret I miss you.

Marget's Birthday, 2005
Margaret's birthday is coming up.
Margaret - it's gonna be sad. At least I guess I can think back on your past birthdays and relive them. The first that comes to mind is the time we went bowling at Grand Central Bowl and I met Emahlie and some other of your friends for the first time. It was fun.

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